Get Paid For Your Video Editing Skills (Brisbane)



Hey there!


I’m a video producer and I’m looking to connect with a local video editor (someone who loves finding those magic story moments in the edit) to help me with upcoming client projects in the Brisbane area. 

I love working with video clients and lately, I’ve discovered I enjoy spending more of my time on the Producing side of projects. 

I’ll handle the negotiations, sales to get the rates we need so we can fulfil the work, and oversee the project from start until finding you in the edit suite. I’ll even handle the communication with them through the revision process and keep it under control so you can just focus on the job-at-hand of finding and telling awesome stories instead of doing endless revisions. 

Simply put, if you don’t like the sales side of client work, dealing with people who may not understand what goes into making a great edit, or you don’t feel comfortable chasing down new clients all the time but you’re awesome at your craft, that’s perfect! Let’s combine our strengths and start winning together!



Ideal Candidates are those who are either already edit video in Adobe Premiere Pro or DaVinci Resolve and who understand what working through a project in post-production for corporate clients is like. 

I’m looking for someone that wants to either bring in additional editing work and is already doing this - OR - if you’re great at editing video and you work a day job (but can dedicate some hours outside of work) to earn extra money doing what you love, that works with me too!


Communication is key as I want to make your life as easy as possible, and when we find our flow I want to set you up to win. I’m even open to your creative ideas as long as they fit within the scope and mission of each video project too! 

Lastly, I love working with people and who enjoy having fun while making professional and creative corporate video projects because at the end of the day - if we can’t have fun working together, what’s the point?


  • Someone who is just starting out and is learning how to edit. You MUST know how to edit in Adobe Premiere Pro and/or DaVinci Resolve in order to be eligible for this gig.

  • If you’re looking for a full-time salaried position, this isn’t going to be the right fit at this stage in my business.

  • People who are unable to work within deadlines. Nobody wants to be dragging things on longer than they need to be, and this work is for paying clients who expect a smooth timeline for delivery so they can get their videos out to market.


I’d love to find someone who vibes with me, who is open to working on additional editing projects, and wants to build a long-term business relationship.




Rates can vary, depending on your skill and what you bring to the table, though I want to make a commitment to pay a minimum of $30 an hour for video editing (with a minimum of 2 hours of paid time per project) so you can see I’m not out to lowball and get you to “do the work for your demo reel”, or “I’ll pay you $100 for my passion project” that takes 80 hours of assembling, revisions, colour correcting, mastering audio, or any other junk like that we see people post when trying to hire us creatives and filmmakers. 

Most of these projects are “talking head” style interviews with supplemental B-Roll. I also have a story structure I like to follow with my final projects, so as you gain experience working with me it only gets easier. 

Preference will be given to those who have their own editing rig.


  • Your preferred hourly rate and up to 3 samples of work that show your ability to tell a story in the edit. I want to see your ability with pacing, audio, and colour.

  • Watch this video ( and tell me what their business is about based on the video. This will also give you a sense of my storytelling style and what my clients will expect from Post-Production.

  • Answer the following question - ‘What is one of your favourite memories in the past 12 months (not film-related) and why?’


Send your responses to today!

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